Sri Lanka will be removed from the hyperinflation list

Sri Lanka has further declined in the inflation index prepared by Steve Hanke, professor of applied economics at the John Hawking University in Maryland, USA. This index, known as the “Hankey’s Dashboard”, is recognized as a valuable and accurate source of economic data, and is recognized as an accurate predictor of the economy of the world’s most hyperinflationary countries.

Steve Hanke

Sri Lanka, which has been among the first few countries in this index for several years, ten months ago last May was ranked second among the world’s worst inflation rates. At that time, the inflation rate in Sri Lanka had reached three digits and it was seen as 106%. But it is reported that Sri Lanka has left the first page of the inflation index this year due to the economic reforms implemented continuously.

According to the Hankey report released on February 16, 2023, Sri Lanka was ranked 13th in the inflation index, while two weeks ago Sri Lanka was ranked 18th in this index. Sri Lanka has left the front page of the inflation index released on the last 23. Making a statement about this, Foreign Minister Ali Sabri said that through painful, unpopular decisions, Sri Lanka avoided the worst situation related to its

economic crisis.

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