There is no problem in receiving dollars for the country – Ministry of Finance informs the Parliament

The Ministry of Finance has informed the Parliament’s Committee on Ways and Means that there is no problem in getting dollars to the country.

The Committee on Ways and Means met in the Parliament recently, where there was a discussion regarding the granting of electric vehicle import licenses to Sri Lankans abroad.

Secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment R.P.A. Speaking before the Committee on Ways and Means, Wimalaweera said that when there was a crisis in foreign exchange, the method of giving electric vehicle import licenses to Sri Lankans abroad was started to encourage the remittance of foreign exchange formally through the banking system.

Accordingly, the secretary said that through this system alone, it was possible to bring more than 47 million dollars of foreign exchange to Sri Lanka.

At that time, the representative of the Ministry of Finance, who spoke before the Committee on Methods and Procedures, stated that there is no problem in remittance of dollars at this time.

Finance Ministry representative – Since there was a dollar crisis, we wanted to take the formal route of sending dollars. It is believed that now that we are receiving foreign remittances at a good level, we do not expect to extend the system of vehicle licenses given to Sri Lankans abroad.

Patali Champika Ranawaka MP – This program has been implemented to encourage receiving foreign remittances. Now the Ministry of Finance says that there is no need for such encouragement, it is now back to normal.

Finance Ministry Representative – now in control. There is no problem with the exchange gap