The closed Sambaragamuwa railway line will be extended to Hambantota .

It is reported that it is planned to re-establish the previous Sambaragamu railway line by extending the Kelaniweli railway line from Avissawella to Opanayake via Ratnapura and hambanthota.

Accordingly, it is reported that Railway General Manager S. Gunasinghe has requested the Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Highways to appoint a commission jointly with the Road Development Authority and the Railway Department to study the existing Sambaragamu railway from Avissawella.

According to the request, it is stated that the Kelaniweli railway line from Avissawella to Hambantota is planned to be constructed in 2030 as shown in the government phycycle plan.

The road that started as a narrow-gauge railway line from Avissawela to Omanayakayaka on the Kelani Weli line is called the Sambaragamu line. The road was closed up to Homagama by the Sirima Bandaranaike government in 1975-76. J. who came to power in 1977. The R. Jayawardene government arranged to run the train to Avissawella again. President Ranasinghe Premadasa turned that line into a broad gauge railway.

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