Saddharathana Thero of Rajanganaya accused of defrauding eight crore rupees

In connection with the complaint made by the President of Surakimu Lanka National Movement, Pahiangala Ananda Sagara Thero, and the accusation of insulting the President’s mother with obscene words, it is reported that Saddharathana Thero was accused of defrauding more than eight million rupees in Rajangana last night (28th).

The Criminal Investigation Department has started an investigation related to the allegation that a philanthropist in England misplaced eight crore rupees credited to bank accounts for the construction of the temple.

The Criminal Investigation Department has received complaints that Saddharathana Thero along with a person who is a YouTube activist and a TV actor has received money but the temple has not been built yet.

The court allowed the request of the Criminal Investigation Department officials to check the bank accounts of the suspect owners.

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