Rapists, juvenile criminals, now contesting from the Malimawa

Kandy District Member of Parliament Mahindananda Aluthgamage said, “Malimawa will contest this local government election with minor criminals, rapists, human traffickers, and those who sell organs, so people should be careful.” He mentioned this while participating in the political meeting held at Gampahala Udugampala ‘Janaduka Nivana Thana Mheya’. Commenting further, he said:

“After Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa resigned from the presidency, we had to appoint a new president. At that time, we supported Ranil Wickremesinghe without any political agenda thinking about the country. Its results are visible now.

When he took over the country, food inflation was 95 percent. Today, food inflation is 50.2 percent. The foreign reserve was 20 million dollars. But today the foreign reserve is 2.8 billion dollars. Tourism had completely collapsed.

The arrival of tourists has increased by 262% in the past two months. The dollar is down. When the dollar goes down, the price of fuel, gas, and essential goods goes down. The President worked to resolve the crisis in the country for the past seven months. The International Monetary Fund has agreed to give 2.8 billion US dollars. After that, the World Bank gives 1.5 billion US dollars. The Asian Development Bank is paying. In another month or two, the current economic situation will be reversed. People get relief and can breathe.”

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