Ranil’s position on Israel-Hamas war is wrong.

Member of Parliament Wimal Weerawansa said that Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s neutrality in the war between Israel and Hamas is unacceptable. Attending a press conference after a visit to China, he said that the president’s stance of ‘neither Israel nor Palestine’ is unacceptable.

“When there is a war conflict, you cannot follow a fluid policy like ‘I am not on either side’. Now look, the original state was Palestine. But Israel is the state artificially created by the British imperialists. If ‘Tamil Elam’ was made here, we would also suffer the same fate as Palestine. However, the historical injustice has been done to Palestine. It is not a world that corrects that historical injustice but is powerful today. He said that a power operation to wipe Palestine completely off the world map and empower ‘Jewish Israel’ is being implemented in the world today.

He said that it was Hamas that started the war this time, but Hamas was created by the Israeli intelligence service ‘Mossad’, and that Mossad created Hamas against Yasser Arpat’s Palestine Liberation Army. He said that it is a fateful event that Hamas, which was created by Mossad, Israel’s official intelligence service, attacked Israel today.

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