Ranil breaks tradition for Nanda Malani.

The President’s Award Ceremony was held at the Bandaranaike Conference Hall yesterday and Saman Athavudahetti has recorded a thoughtless work done there on his Facebook account. Its English translation is given below.

The note is as follows

I have hosted the President’s Awards for many years.

But the award ceremony that made me the most happy and proud of myself was the 2023 award ceremony.

Professor Sunil Ariyaratne, who called me on the morning of the award ceremony, said that Nanda Malini has been nominated as the best singer of 2020. He said that due to his illness it is difficult to walk, but she she to participate in the festival for a short time. and Professor Sunil Ariyaratne made a little request too .

Professor Sunil Ariyaratne said that in case she won the award, it would be difficult for her to walk on stage and asked me to announce the difficulty to suit the occasion. He also said that one of her daughters or sister will come on stage and receive the award.

The occasion of giving awards for singers has arrived. At that stage, the Minister of State for Media Shanta Bandara was presenting the awards.

I am about to open the cover of the 2020 best singer award and announce the name.

It was written as Nanda Malini.

An immediate thought occurred to me that the name should not be announced.

I went to the Minister of State.
“Let’s try to make a little change?” I hear

He agreed.

We both got off the stage with the award and went to the audience.

‘Where is this going? No name was announced…”

asked Dr. Somaratne Dissanayake who was sitting in the first row. I walked, saying Dr. Somarathna to stay for a short while.

We are going to present the award to Nanda Maliniya.

Meanwhile, another thought came to mind. It is anti-traditional. But if we don’t have the courage to break the traditions, what is the use of us?

I went to the President and requested him to give this award as a tribute to Nanda Maliniya.

Since the beginning of the President’s Awards ceremony, the best female singer has not been given an award by the President.

The President and the minister in charge Dr. Bandula Gunawardena agreed to do this work to break the tradition. The Minister of State also said that it is best to do so.

Official permission received.

The matter is decided..!

The President got up from his seat and went to Nanda Maliniya.

I took the FM microphone held by the two fellow announcers who ran behind me and made the official announcement.

” Best Playback Singer – Dr. Nanda Malini….!”

The President presented the award to Nandakka. The entire congregation stood and saluted. The President raised his hands and applauded. Photographers climbed one after the other and took pictures.
‘I applauded from the hall even when you’re awarded for the first time in 1963…’ the President bowed to Nandakka.

‘Sir, tell that story for everyone to hear..’ I asked him. I gave him the microphone I had in my hand.

I was there when she received her first award at the 1963 ”sarasavi awards” ceremony. Today, after 60 years, I got to give her an award. I still have in my mind the moment when I heard the song ”Doiya Baba Nalavili gee” in her voice in the movie ”Gamperaliya”. The only music in the movie Gamperaliya was the Nalavili song and Over the Waves. We enjoy her music. I thank myself and the people of the entire country for her service.”
The President said.

The comrades in the hall applauded again.

The President congratulated Nandakka and went to his seat.

The Minister of State and I went to the stage.

I asked the audience to once again stand up and offer respect and love to Nanda Maliniya, wishing her health.

Everyone stood up and paid tribute.

I have an innocent pleasure in contributing to the utmost respect for Nandakka. Humble pride!