Raising Shakti 2023 Dealer Conference
For the agricultural outlook of Sri Lanka

The Raising Shakti 2023 dealer conference, aimed at introducing its products to the Sri Lankan market, was held at Battaramulla Waters Edge for Shaktiman, a well-known Indian agricultural equipment manufacturer.

Shaktiman, a brand that has garnered trust in approximately 90 countries worldwide, is gearing up to enhance Sri Lanka’s agricultural contribution to its economy’s resurgence through its products adhering to international standards.

Empowering Sri Lanka’s Agricultural Renaissance

Tirth Agro Technology Private Limited, the visionary force behind the Shaktiman brand, has contributed to mechanizing Indian agriculture for over two decades. Established in 1997 in Rajkot, Gujarat, the company rapidly evolved into a paragon of excellence, revolutionizing farming through a vast network of over 850 dealers, 64 distributors, and more than 105 spare parts distributors across India. Shaktiman has earned its name as a symbol of agricultural excellence, maintaining leadership for over 20 years and establishing market dominance within a decade.

Throughout the past decade, Shaktiman has contributed to mechanizing agriculture in Sri Lanka, ushering in a new era of farm technology. Shaktiman has been at the forefront of the nation’s agricultural machinery industry for five consecutive years, thanks to our commitment to state-of-the-art agricultural equipment.

Innovation for Prosperity

Shaktiman has pioneered innovation, introducing revolutionary products that redefine efficiency. From the sugarcane harvester 3737-Tejas to the efficient planter, which revolutionized the sugarcane production process, these products have alleviated the burden of high labor costs faced by Indian farmers.

Through ongoing research and development, Shaktiman has not only transformed Sri Lanka’s agricultural landscape but has also boosted its GDP share, fostering prosperity through innovation.

Raising Shakti 2023 Distribution Representative Summit

The Raising Shakti 2023 Delegate Conference is more than just an event. It signifies our commitment to the agricultural prosperity of Sri Lanka. The summit marked a fresh chapter in collaboration with esteemed partners such as Hayleys Agriculture, Overseas Automotive Private Limited, DSL Holdings, and AMW.

The program commenced with a welcome and introduction by Shaktiman Sri Lanka Manager, Mr. Gajaba De Silva, followed by a comprehensive presentation by the Shaktiman management team about innovative products and event highlights. Additionally, a platform was provided for marketers from all across the island to exchange knowledge and engage in productive discussions. It was an enriching evening that added a new experience for all attendees.

Shaktiman is more than a brand; it’s a global phenomenon. Its influence transcends borders, with a sustained contribution to both domestic and international markets, holding over 50% market share in India alone.

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