Poisonous ‘bull-stone fish’ in seas around Galle

Dr. Janaka Ruban, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Parasitology, says that with the change in the monsoon weather, there is a slight increase in the movement of highly poisonous fish called ‘bull-stone fish’ in the sea areas.

He told the media that although this species of fish is highly poisonous, it does not attack people or any living creatures in the sea. This fish is a species found in coral reefs.

However, it is reported that several people have been admitted to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital recently due to accidental or stepping on these fish.

Dr. Janaka Ruban said that this stone fish roamed the sea in many parts of Sri Lanka and comes near the shore for breeding purposes.

The doctor further said that if you get bitten by this fish at sea, you should immediately come ashore from the sea and take immediate action and go to the hospital for treatment.

The doctor also asked the people not to kill this fish and to avoid swimming in the sea or walking barefoot on the beach.

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