No compensation for electric cable over the land. The Atigala family gives eelectracity to the south

Ceylon Electricity Board General Manager, Engineer Rohan Seneviratne says that the work on the Polpitiya – Hambantota power transmission line, which has been stalled for eight years, can be completed within the next seven days.

He further said that in the settlement meeting held with the intervention of the Public Utilities Commission, the members of the Atigala family, the owners of the Siripagama tea estate, which had led to the problem, agreed to give away the relevant cables without any compensation.

Accordingly, the General Manager stated that it will be possible to complete the program of providing electricity to the southern province by connecting the relevant transmission system within another 06 days. Also, the General Manager of Ceylon Electricity Board, Engineer Rohan Seneviratne said that the members of the Atigala family will be honored in the country for contributing to this work of national value.

Accordingly, within another week, the Southern Province will receive a supply of 220,000 volts from the national grid, and the completion of the remaining 700 meters of the 150 km transmission system will begin tomorrow, a spokesperson of the Electricity Board said.

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