Lalit Kotalawala kept as a hostage and seized his property

Lalith Kotalawala, a well-known businessman as well as the former chairman of Ceylinco Company, became a hostage of a certain group and spent the last days of his life. His sister-in-law, Shireen Wijeratne said before the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court. The witness disclosed this when the death inquiry of businessman Lalith Kotalawala was called before Colombo Additional Magistrate Pasan Amarasena.

Shireen Wijeratne stated before the court that Lalith Kotalawala was being held hostage by the group restricting his free travel, and that a group including lawyers scared him and made him depressed.

“Allowed to travel ten feet from his bedroom to the boardroom of his office, the group manipulated him and seized valuable properties, including those inherited by Lalith Kothalas, in their names,” she said.

Advocate Hafeel Faris along with Shannon Thilakaratne appeared for the Kotalawala family.

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