Hospitals in Gaza become morturies. Snipper attacks on patients too

The French news service reports that thousands of people have been trapped in hospitals in the Gaza Strip due to the fierce fighting between the Israeli forces and the Hamas organization. Doctors and helth workers commenting on the situation say that if there is no immediate cesse fire of gaza strip, thousands of patients will die in the hospital system amid minimam facilities.

Israel carrying out devastating air and ground attacks in to controllrd the hamaz militant, and the situation is rapidly depleting hospital-related facilities. Doctors Without Borders, which is currently contributing to the medical work in the Gaza Strip, warns that if there is no immediate ceasefire, the hospitals in the Gaza Strip will turn into a morturies

Foreign media have reported that Al-Shifa Hospital, which is the largest hospital in Gaza, was completely surrounded yesterday evening, and that the medical team was unable to work because of the bombardment around it.

Inside the hospital, 600 post-surgery patients, 37 to 40 babies and 17 people in the intensive care unit are without water, food and electricity, and are unable to communicate with the outside world because internet connections are down, D.W.B surgeons Mohammad Obaid said.

Two babies have died at the Al-Shifa Neonatal Unit after the power cut off the incubators. The doctor mentioned that one patient has died due to the failure of the ventilators and the lives of many others are in danger.

Meanwhile, a sniper shot four patients inside the hospital, one person was shot in the neck and another in the stomach, he said. It is reported that a large number of non-patients are also staying in the hospital premises seeking care.

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