Half a bottle of sake also helped to talk about the spirit of cricket

Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara has revealed for the first time how he laid the foundation for the famous Colin Cowdrey speech he gave at the MCC in 2011.

Speaking at the Oxford Society in London in February, Sangakkara said that when he was invited by the MCC president to the “Cowdry Lecture”, he initially declined the offer. He added that he decided to present it anyway.

He decided to talk about the spirit of cricket because he grew up in Sri Lanka and saw how it affected him and those around him. Sangakkara also shared his perspective on how he was able to be identified.

He jokingly said that he had finished writing the end of the speech half an hour before leaving for the lecture, and the real inspiration to do it well was the half bottle of sake I had during lunch.

Video courtesy of NEWSWIRE

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