‘Four-year-old hostage’ who stormed Hamburg airport freed at 18 p.m.

BBC news service says that the hot situation caused by the father of a four-year-old girl hostage at the Hamburg airport has been calmed down after 18 hours.

The crisis started when this 35-year-old Turkish man entered the airport with his four-year-old daughter and stopped his car under an airplane while avoiding the security barriers on Saturday night. However, he surrendered to the authorities “without resistance” and was arrested, according to police reports.

This man who stopped his car under a plane belonging to the Turkish Airlines fired two shots into the air with his own firearm and then took several bottles with petrol or other flammable liquid out of the car. However, it is not yet clear whether he had any other explosives, B, B, C reports.

At that time, the plane that was going to take off to Turkey was full of passengers and the Hamburg airport authorities succeeded in removing them from the plane and directing them to a hotel. Due to this incident, the operations of the airport were disrupted and it is reported that a large number of passengers had to be directed to hotels.

Hamburg police spokeswoman Sandra Levgrun has told the media that this man who held his daughter hostage and disrupted the airport’s operations was a man who had many problems with his wife. “Due to the arguments with his wife, he was in a chaotic state of mind,” she told the media.

The Hamburg police spokeswoman said that her husband took her daughter after an argument with her escalated, and that her mother had informed the emergency department and filed a complaint regarding a suspected child abduction.

This man had taken his wife by force to Turkey before and then she returned to Humber along with her daughter. Due to this incident, operations of 286 passenger flights were disrupted. Therefore, in the past 72 hours, about 34,500 passengers who were supposed to use Hamburg Airport were disrupted, according to the report.

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