Expired medicines worth 37 million US dollars were brought to Sri Lanka.

According to the report, most of the stock of drugs worth about thirty seven million US dollars brought to Sri Lanka in the past are expired or about to expire. Dr. Chamal Sanjeeva, the president of the Doctors’ Trade Union Alliance on Medical and Civil Rights, who comments on this, says that an urgent investigation should be conducted on this matter.

Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa, has raised suspicions that there is an attempt to fill Sri Lanka’s clinical waste by bringing in expired or near-expired drugs, and the Criminal Investigation Department and the Ministry of Health should investigate this.

Also, most of the drugs were scheduled to be expired by the 30th of June and from the drugs brought in, GALANTIMINE. It has also been revealed that some medicines, including CANAGLIFLOZIN, are not used in this country.

Acyclovir, lidocaine, levetiracetam, etc. which were in the stock of those medicines have also expired when they were landed in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Chamal Rajapakse mentioned that the Minister of Health should take strict decisions to curb this situation as there are bad experiences related to the bringing of clinical waste containers to Sri Lanka before.

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