Even if there are threats, I will not resign – says the sports minister

Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe says that he is receiving threats from Sri Lanka Cricket Board Chairman Shammi Silva and National Sports Council Director Sudath Chandrasekara. The sports minister said this while attending a special press conference held in Colombo.

Due to the current crisis in Sri Lanka’s cricket administration, he further mentioned that this situation has arisen and that this is the first time in the political history of this country that a cabinet minister had to face this kind of threat and he has already complained to the Criminal Investigation Department in this regard.

He stated that without the approval of the Sri Lanka Cricket Executive Committee, President Shammi Silva had sent three political letters to the International Cricket Council (ICC) on November 6, 7 and 9, thereby misleading the ICC authorities.

The sports minister said that it is the biggest black spot in the history of Sri Lanka cricket as well as the biggest betrayal.

The minister added that he has not received any advice from anyone to resign, without that he has no intention of switching parties or taking a seat in the opposition, and that his only aim is to fight corruption in national sports associations.