What happened to Amdi Fazlim’s kidney?

Dr. Shantini Gunaratne, a specialist in charge of the renal department of the hospital, said that only the left kidney of the three-year-old child named Amdi Fazlim, who died after being admitted to the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital in Borella due to a kidney condition, has been kept safe. He was testifying in front of Colombo Additional Magistrate Rajindra Jayasuriya

The hearing related to the child’s death was held before the court, and while answering the questions asked by the Borella Police, the expert doctor stated that her department did not receive the right kidney, which was said to be in a healthy condition.

Giving evidence, she further said that the left kidney of the child sent to her department has been kept safely immersed in ammonia water.

Giving evidence earlier, Dr. Malith Samarasinghe, director of the hospital, had told the court that the right kidney of the child who was admitted to the hospital was in the right place without any disparity.

The hospital director had further said in his testimony that the function of the child’s left kidney was 09 percent and the function of the right kidney was 91 percent.

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