Two sluice gates open at Victoria Reservoir.

Due to continuous rains, the water capacity of Victoria Reservoir is reaching its maximum value. As a result, two automatic sluice gates were opened last night.

The Engineer-in-Charge Office states that 159 cubic meters of water will be released into the water through the sluice gates opened in the reservoir with a capacity of 722 million cubic meters.

This is the first time that the sluice gates of the Victoria Reservoir have been opened this year and the mud sluice of the reservoir was also opened yesterday afternoon. The mud sluice was open for 20 minutes and during that time, the engineering office had taken steps to release the mud deposited near the entrance.

The Sri Lankan Mahaweli Authority states that people using the river should be very careful as a significant amount of water will be released into the lower Mahaweli River with the release of the Victoria Reservoir.

Nadika Daya Bandara

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