The worker is making a worker fit for the digital world

Labor and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara said that a broad platform has been prepared to get the opinions of all parties to prepare a labor law system suitable for the digital work world by identifying the existing problems in the existing labor law. . Public consultation program for the preparation of a new labor law system It started yesterday (03) and the minister said this while speaking to the media. The minister who further commented said:

Many people commented that the labor law of this country is old and not compatible with the modern world. The labor community of our country faces many difficulties in gaining their rights. It takes a long time. Regarding their welfare, many problems have arisen regarding the current labor law. To change the labor law in a way that suits the modern world, and to take the basic measures necessary to make this country a developed country in 2048, changes must also be made in the field of labor.

When going to the digital world, when going to the new civilization, a suitable program should be prepared. Therefore, a new labor law is being brought in place of the existing labor law. This is not an amendment to the existing law, nor is it an amalgamation of parts of the existing labor law.

When I was appointed as the Minister of Labour, I was told that there has been an enemy in the field of labour, a killer of labour. The traditional worker who pays for May Day and forgets about it the next day, who is always in poverty, is being changed. We are working to create a worker suitable for the digital world, a worker suitable for the digital world. We will change the system where the worker, who has always been kept to be used for political purposes, talks and forgets on May Day.

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