The woman who defrauded 16 lakhs by saying given jobs in Israel was arrested

The officers of the Foreign Employment Bureau’s Special Investigation Division have arrested a woman who cheated money by saying that she would be offered jobs in Israel.

A resident of Gotamigama, Kataragama, who claimed that she would be offered a nursing job in Israel, received an amount of 1,689,000 rupees and was not given the job as promised. This woman was arrested during an investigation based on a complaint made by a resident of Horana, Ballapitiya to the Special Investigation Division of the Bureau.

According to the memorandum of understanding between the two countries, Israeli jobs are available to Sri Lankans only through the intervention of the Sri Lankan Foreign Employment Bureau, and accordingly, as no outside person can interfere in that, please inform the special investigation department of the Bureau about the people who claim that jobs can be provided. The bureau is appealing to the public.

Before giving money or passport to any organization or person to get a foreign job, the Bureau requests foreign job seekers to verify the validity of the foreign employment agency by visiting the website or by calling the hotline number 1989.

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