The President’s Objection to Lawyers Representing Drug Traffickers

President Ranil Wickramasinghe stated that drug trafficking has become a more significant threat to the nation than terrorism today. He also noted that some human rights lawyers advocate for arrested drug-related criminals.

He emphasized the critical need for collective support to protect the country from this menace, especially in recovering the country from economic challenges. He said that failure to protect the future generation from the use of drugs could undermine all the efforts of the government for the progress of the nation.

The President made these comments at the Uva Provincial Community Police Committee Members Empowerment Workshop held yesterday (06) at the Wellawaya Public Stadium under the theme “A Country That Respects the Law.”

Speaking there, the President said that the government has taken necessary steps to protect law and order in the country. During 2021-2022, there was a breakdown of law and order, with houses and property being burnt and destroyed. Under this situation, it was essential to restore law and order.

“We have started this program in rural areas along with general law enforcement with a special focus on combating drug trafficking. Our future generations are affected by this illegal trade and need our collective cooperation. I urge everyone to cooperate closely with the police on this critical issue. Village temples and religious places have been given specific responsibility in this regard. Apart from this, some students bring drugs into school premises, so special attention should be paid in schools.

“Therefore, I request these committees to strictly enforce the anti-narcotics laws and protect law and order in our country. I have reluctantly had to take legal action against some people, but the existing laws are not enough. We need new laws; let us not go to such extremes and look for custodial solutions while Singapore executes drug traffickers.

“After the arrest of these people, some human rights lawyers have come forward for their protection. I believe drug trafficking is a violation of human rights, but they argue that selling drugs is not a violation of human rights and arresting drug traffickers is a violation of human rights. Therefore, it is essential that the Parliament clarify our position on this issue,” said the President.


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