The President says that the freehold rights of 250,000 flats will be given to the residents

President Ranil Wickramasinghe says that next month he will take steps to give 250,000 low-income people in Colombo the freehold rights to their flats.

He made these comments while addressing an event held today (17) at Ambilipitiya Mahaweli Stadium.

As another phase of the national program to provide 20 lakh “Urumaya” free land deeds, a ceremony to give deeds to 1,524 colonists in the Mahaweli Walawa region was held today at Ambilipitiya Mahaweli Stadium under the chairmanship of President Ranil Wickramasinghe.

He further commented there,

“In the past 75 years, these lands were given the right to be developed without giving freehold rights, schools were built, electricity was built, swimming pools were built, and all these have been built in this area. I am surprised when some people ask what they did for these 75 years. Unless you are in Iceland, you want to know what happened. Everyone has to suffer in difficult times in this country.

We share the loss. When things get better, we should all share the profits. I saw that we cannot give a share of the profits to the equal people who help us. If we gave out of charity, we should also give a part of the profit. They tried to provide the right of freehold to everyone. No paddy fields in Colombo, distribute them. But there are low-income flats, 250,000 I will give the right next month.”

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