The person who went to court to postpone the presidential election was a S.J.B. member?

The Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) today denied that it has anything to do with Chamindra Dayan Lenawa, who filed a petition demanding that the presidential election be postponed by a year.

“Some people are trying to link Lenawa with SJB. We have nothing to do with him. Those who try to link him with us are just slandering us,” SJB spokesperson Mr. Sujeewa Senasinghe said at a press conference held today.

He also said that others claim Lenawa is a relative of a National People’s Power (NPP) senior.

It was earlier reported that Lenawa was a member of the National Development Front, led by Rohan Pallewatta, who was originally associated with SJB. It was also reported that he is now a member of the SJB Working Committee.

Meanwhile, Senasinghe expressed confidence that the Supreme Court will reject the petition filed by Chamindra Dayan.

“The Supreme Court has previously ruled that former President Sirisena’s tenure was limited to five years, so the court is not in a position to change this,” he said.

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