The leader of the opposition removed me from the parliamentary committees due to the influence of the liquor tycoons

Parliamentarian Patali Champika Ranawaka, the leader of the United Republic Front, says that his removal from the position of the chairman of the Committee on Parliamentary Ways and Means, which has given the government billions of rupees in profits since its inception, is revenge. He further mentioned that he was removed from that position by the politicians who became the pawns of liquor tycoons and sugar tax thieves.

“Recently, President Ranil Wickremesinghe came to give the Rajasana speech. As soon as the speech started, the leader of the opposition and the organizer of the opposition, Kiriella, got up and left. After that, there were controversies over this Rajasana story. I had also asked for time for the debate. I was informed the day before that I had an appointment. I too inform that i wish to address the parliment on this regard. Thye were cconfirmed it. But the next day they informed me that my spech was remooved. Then I was informed that my speech was cut. I called Mr. Kiriella and asked why the story was cut. Mr. Kiriella said that during the Rajasana speech, the leader told those who did not stand up to protest Ranil Wickremesinghe not to speak to those who were sitting.

The leader is Sajith Premadasa. I said how can you decide about us We are a different party. I am an independent member of parliament. That can’t be done. I said at least why we were not informed by message or phone that we are boycotting this. He said that when the leader gets up and leaves, he should know to follow. So I must say that we are not ready to go after anyone.”

He said that behind his removal from the position of Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means and from the State Finance Committee, there are people who cheated billions in taxes.

“For me, it is seen as something that happened on purpose on both sides. Last November and even earlier last August, we revealed the method of using fake stickers on alcohol bottles in this country. The country’s income increased by billions. What happened in the end was that the excise commissioner also had to go home. I also lost the chairmanship of the committee, who had collected billions of dollars in taxes after suspending those licenses. So guess who is behind it.

Also, there was a huge sugar fraud in this country in 2021. A similar fraud happened again in 2023. The same few companies. We gave an order to the Committee, especially the Inland Revenue Department, to collect that illegal profit from them. I say that the properties of those who talk about the corruption of some of the opposition are today in the big buildings of those sugar fraudsters.

There are 1272 people who have not paid more than one crore rupees. The list of crores of banks has been revealed. There is also a powerful minister of this country in that list. There are also former ministers. All of them were provoked by this.

Leshan Vidanagamachi

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