The Korean dream of 48 people is blurred due to the delay of SriLankan Airlines

It is reported that the Korean employment opportunity of 48 Sri Lankan workers who were selected for the Korean Human Resources Department is at risk due to the inefficient operations of SriLankan Air line.

The SriLankan flight carrying these workers was scheduled to leave Colombo for Korea at 8pm tonight. But suddenly, SriLankan Airlines has postponed the flight till 6 tomorrow morning. Due to this delay, the management work of this group of workers in Korea is problematic, so the Korean Human Resources Department has worked to stop the arrival of Sri Lankan workers.

There have been several cases of delays in flight operations of SriLankan Airlines and aircraft technical faults in the past, and due to this, it is reported that the public’s trust in SriLankan Airlines is seriously breaking down.

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