The Historical Polonnaruwa Poson Dalada Perahera Plants Cups

The ritual ceremony of planting the cups for the Sapta Maha Perahera, led by the historical Polonnaruwa Poson Dalada Perahera, was conducted early this morning (20th) at the Purana Pattini Temple amid the blessings of the Maha Sangha.

This year, the historic Polonnaruwa Poson Dalada Perahera will be held for the 49th time. On the day after Poson Poya (22nd), the Polonnaruwa Perahera will start from the Watadaga and proceed through the streets.

The Polonnaruwa District Secretary’s Office, Tamankaduwa Divisional Secretary’s Office, along with other divisional secretariat offices in the district, Polonnaruwa Municipal Council, and all government institutions and the business community are organizing the Polonnaruwa Poson Maha Perahera under the guidance of Reverend Vedaruwe Sri Upali Nahimi, Polonnaru Solosmasthanadhipathi and Asgiri Parivenadhipathi Anunayaka.

This time, the casket will be carried on the Pulatisi Raja Mangala Hasti Raja of the Kandy Dalada Maligawa, and it is notable that the procession will feature a large number of elephants and dance troupes from various cultural groups.

The route of the procession will start from the threshold of the historical Polonnaruwa Roundabout, enter the circular road near Polonnaruwa town, pass through the hospital junction, and again pass through Polonnaruwa town near the Tourist Police Roundabout, making its way past the historical Roundabout.

On the next day (23rd) in the morning, after the ritual of cutting the water at Polonnaruwa Parakrama Samudra, the procession will be completed.

The police have implemented a special security plan for the safety of the devotees who come to watch the procession. Additionally, a special train and bus service have been arranged to facilitate travel to Polonnaruwa.

This year, more than 100,000 domestic and foreign tourists are expected to visit Polonnaruwa’s historic Poson Dalada Perahera.

Bandara Mudianse from Polonnaruwa

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