The “Eighty Club” (80 CLUB) opens.

Nimesh Herath, the Chairman of the Urban Development Authority, announced plans to develop lands and buildings with historical significance into a national heritage zone.

The Chairman stated that approximately 35-40 such valuable lands and buildings have already been identified in Colombo and its suburbs.

He further mentioned that the Urban Development Authority intends to lease out these properties to investors for long-term development purposes. It is emphasized that any development activities must be carried out without causing damage to the historical significance of these lands and buildings.

During the public opening ceremony of the “Eighty Club” located on Freedom Avenue, Colombo 07, Chairman Nimesh Herath made these remarks.

The “Eighty Club” is one of the oldest clubs in Colombo. Its name is derived from the fact that its founding members initially held their first meeting in Room No. 80 of the Queen’s Hotel in Kandy. Eventually, it was established on Freedom Avenue, Colombo 07.

After the property was transferred to the government in 2020, the Urban Development Authority, with the assistance of the Sri Lanka Navy, carried out renovation work on the premises.

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