Tambugala’s helicopter landing at Anuradhapura prison is a mystery.

It has been revealed that the chairman of Aura Lanka Herbal Company, Chandika Wiranjith Thambugala, arrived in Anuradhapura prison in a helicopter on the 11th. Civil activist Dulan Senadheera, who released a video about this on social media, says that the landing of these helicopters is completely illegal.

Giving more details, he says that Anuradhapura Assistant Superintendent of Police Sanjeeva Mahanama has come to the place and met Viranjith Thambugala. Dulan Senadhira calls on the responsible parties to immediately reveal who he met in prison and who gave him permission to do so.

Chandika Wiranjith Thambugala

Aura Lanka Herbals Company has acquired a huge amount of land for aloe vera cultivation, but for four years, no responsibility has been paid on those lands. The farmers who gave the land to him say that although he took over the land of the local farmers claiming that he would get 350,000 rupees per month, he did not make the promised payments.

The boundary stones applied by the government in those lands have been removed and all the trees have been removed and the land has been bulldozed. But the farmers say that not a single aloe vera plant is planted in those lands. In addition, several small tanks located in those lands were also demolished. It is reported that the land has been destroyed to the extent that it cannot be used for cultivation.

A forest has been cleared in the buffer zone of Wilpattu National Park for a construction of Aura Lanka Company. Against this, the Department of Wildlife has assigned the case No. B/449/20 to Aura Lanka Herbals Company and its owner in Nochchiyagama Court. A prohibitory order has also been issued in this regard. But a person named Viranjith Thambugala continues to cut the forest covrt despite court orders.

It is reported that he has not paid his employees for months, even though he has held festivals for days and given free forms to hundreds of thousands of people who come to the carnivals, and has signed contracts that pay millions of rupees monthly for music groups.

It is reported that Justice and Prison Reforms Minister Dr Wijedasa Rajapaksa has ordered an immediate investigation into the arrival of Viranjith Thambugala to the Anuradapura Prison in a helicopter, who is causing massive destruction in the Rajarata Farming lands.

Records of adverse lands and court proceedings

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