Sajith explains the way to solve the cricket crisis

Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa says that as an important step to solve the cricket crisis in Sri Lanka, which has reached a disastrous level, new laws should be introduced prohibiting politicians from holding positions in cricket clubs.

“If proper action is not taken to resolve the cricket crisis, Sri Lanka will suffer the same fate as the West Indies. West Indies were world champions in 1975 and 1979. They were runners-up in 1983. But this time, the West Indian team could not even participate in the World Cup. But that did not happen to the Sri Lankan team. We were able to qualify for the World Cup this year. If proper action is not taken to resolve the cricket crisis that shocked the entire nation, Sri Lanka will also suffer the same fate,” Sajith Premadasa said while addressing a public meeting.

“Cricket crisis cannot be resolved like cabinet reshuffle. Cabinet reshuffle is done to fulfill the expectations of the government and the president. Cricket administration cannot be done. It is not good to protect the cricket administrators of Sri Lanka,” he said. Should be,” he added.

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