Public health inspectors call a two-day strike

Shanaka Bopitiya, secretary of the P.H.I union, said that based on several demands, the Union of Public Health Inspectors decided to launch a general strike action tomorrow and the next day (Monday and Tuesday).

Addressing the media, he said that the professional problems faced by public health inspectors have been reported to the Ministry of Health, but no satisfactory response has been received so far, so this step was taken.
According to the secretary of the union, the main issue is not to increase the mileage allowance given for field duty and transport allowance.

“These allowances are not keeping pace with the rising cost of living, fuel prices and motorcycle maintenance costs, which have put public health inspectors under financial strain,” the union secretary said.

However, it confirmed that selected health facilities such as ports, airports, blood banks, maternity hospitals, children’s hospitals, kidney units and training facilities will not be affected due to the strike.

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