Plantation sector graduates protest for jobs

A group of unemployed plantation sector graduates staged a demonstration in Hatton town center demanding government jobs.

Graduates residing in Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Badulla districts engaged in a protest near the Hatton bus stand, then those graduates marched from Hatton city center to the Hatton Malliapuwa intersection and held a demonstration there.

The graduates residing in Estate who were engaged in the agitation said that the Ministry of Education has issued a circular to recruit those who have passed the G.E.C. Advance Level examination to fill the teaching vacancies in the Estate schools, Estate sector graduates says that Education Ministers disision is un faire, because their educational level is higher than Advance level . They asked to recruit unemployed graduates in Central and Uva province as teachers of school located in estste sector.

There are about 1250 unemployed graduates of plantations in Central and Uva province alone, and even though many years have passed since graduation, the unemployed graduates of plantations who were engaged in the agitation said that they are suffering because they are not getting government jobs.

The unemployed graduates of the plantation sctor who are engaged in the agitation say that a statement has been made in the Parliament that there is no significant group of graduates in Badulla district M.P Vadivel Suresha Plantation, and that statement is completely false.

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