Pharmacists strike disrupts hospital services

The Government Pharmacists Association has initiated an island-wide symbolic strike today (16) starting from 08 am.

Thushara Ranadeva, the president of the association, stated that the strike is in protest against the transfer of 23 pharmacists from the Drug Regulatory Authority.

A spokesperson from the National Drug Regulatory Authority informed our website that a group of pharmacists who were temporarily assigned to the authority has been returned to the Ministry of Health. They emphasized that this group is enjoying the benefits of both the Ministry of Health and the Drug Regulatory Authority.

Furthermore, they mentioned that the Board of Directors of the National Drug Regulatory Authority decided to release them back to the Ministry of Health. These pharmacists did not accept the opportunities provided to them to join the permanent staff of the Drug Regulatory Authority.

They emphasized that this transfer was carried out in accordance with the legal provisions outlined in the National Drug Regulatory Authority Act No. 05 of 2015.

However, due to this strike, it has been reported that several hospitals are experiencing disruptions in patient treatment.

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