Permission to detain and interrogate the eight youths who raped a young woman on Poson Day.

A 17-year-old schoolgirl who had gone to Dansal last Poson Poya was tricked and gang-raped in a cemetery. The Hanwella police said that 8 people including a young man who is said to be her boyfriend were arrested in connection with the incident.

The student was molested in a crematorium under construction in Jaltara, Hanwella.

Poson Poda, a 17-year-old schoolgirl resident of Hanwella, Lower Kosgama, had recently gone to a temple in the area with her little mother and later told her little mother that she was going to a bookstore and left to meet her boyfriend.

The young man, who is said to be her boyfriend, dropped her off on a motorcycle in Amgugama area. Later, two friends of the lover came on a motorcycle and picked her up and took her to a crematorium under construction in Jaltara area of ​​Hanwella and raped her. Then three more of their friends also came and molested her at that place.

A young man who brought her to that place again took her to Hanwella, Artigala area on his motorcycle and dropped her off. There she asked him for money to go home, and he gave her 40 rupees and left.

Unable to go home, she was crying near the road when a police officer who was traveling on a motorcycle saw her and came to inquire about the matter.

After the student told the incident to the police officer, he picked her up in a tricycle and took her to the place where she was gang-raped. On the way, there was a young man who had taken her to a temple, and the police officer arrested him after the student pointed him out.

It is reported that after presenting these eight youths to the Homagama Magistrate Court, they were detained until the 28th and allowed to be questioned.

Then all those who raped her were arrested. It is reported that all those arrested are between the ages of 19 and 21

On the instructions of Chief Inspector Pradeep Kumara, Station Commander of Hanwella Police, a team of officers including Station Commander of Criminal Investigation Division Sub-Inspector Indika, Station Commander of Children and Women Bureau and Female Sub-Inspector Tennakoon and Nugegoda Divisional Crime Investigation Unit are conducting further investigations.

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