Parents are responsible for paying the school electricity bill

According to Joseph Stalin, General Secretary of Ceylon Teachers Union, electracity supply of 22 schools including five national schools in Matara district have been cut off.

He told the media that although the electricity bills of the schools should be paid by the concerned regional education division, the Matara regional education division has not paid the bills due to lack of funds.

“We see this as some kind of conspiracy by the government to pay the electricity bills of the schools to the parents. The third term school holiday will be this Friday (22). With this electricity cut, all school activities will be delayed,” he said.

Responding to an inquiry about this, the Secretary of the School Development Society of a leading school in the southern province, said that it is normal practice for the government to pay only a part of the school electricity bill and the rest to be paid by the school development society.

The Ministry of Power and Energy initiated the disconnection of electricity to houses and institutions at the village level where the electricity bills were not paid. Minister Kanchana Wijesekera started this program by disconnecting the electricity supply in his constituency, Matara Vavurukannala Vihara.

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