NDB Bank Powers Avurudu Celebrations with the NEOS App in Unique Gaming and Gifting Initiative

NDB Bank enhanced Sri Lanka’s new year celebrations through its NDB Avurudu Dupatha campaign which was conducted in a custom crafted virtual island featuring the NDB NEOS app. The campaign which was designed and executed with Gamer.LK, not only marks a significant advancement in showcasing digital banking utilities, but also showcases NDB’s commitment to pioneering new realms of customer engagement, underlining its leadership in the industry.

The interactive experience, a collaboration between NDB Bank and Gamer.LK, the premier Video Games & Esports agency in Sri Lanka, saw the unveiling of a vibrant playable “Avurudu Dupatha” with Avurudu games, characters and stories. The island featured an engaging Avurudu storyline where players had to come together to find “NDB fragments” that unlocked powers to defeat the Economic Demon plaguing the island. 18 of Sri Lanka’s top gaming influencers came together at 8pm on the 10th of April to team up and save the island. Each influencer live-streamed the event to their fan bases, with popular streamer Maniya headlining the initiative. The campaign interactively demonstrated the NDB NEOS app’s ease of use and accessibility, with in-game and thematic use cases that aligned well with the youth demographic. Streamers used NDB Neos QR payments to purchase in-game skins for their avatars, local art from the Economic Zone and exchange funds in the “ganu denu” Avurudu spirit. Additionally, streamers had the opportunity to contribute to environmental charities by using the app to donate to Clean Ocean Force’s ‘Adopt a Beach’ initiative. The NDB Neos app, NDB’s flagship mobile and online banking platform, boasts several industry-first features such as seamless fund transfers, bill payments, and AI-enabled video KYC (vKYC) for online account opening, all of which were showcased through the interactive activities in the virtual gaming environment.

“NDB Bank is at the forefront of digital banking innovation, and our NDB NEOS app is a testament to our commitment to pioneering the future of banking. The NDB Avurudu Dupatha campaign was not just about celebrating Avurudu; it was a glimpse into the future of banking and customer engagement,” commented Darshana Jayasinghe, AVP and Head of Marketing at NDB Bank. “As we look ahead, we are focused on creating seamless digital experiences that resonate with the younger generation, empowering them to manage their finances effortlessly and securely. This initiative is just the beginning of our journey towards redefining banking for the future.”

Renowned for its commitment to digital innovation, NDB has been recognised with several prestigious awards, including the Merit Award for Financial Institution of the Year, and the Merit Award for Bank of the Year Award for Excellence in Customer Convenience at the recent Lankapay Technnovation Awards 2024. They have also won the prestigious Grand Prix Award at the SLIM Digis for three years. These awards are a testament to NDB’s relentless pursuit of excellence in digital banking and its role as a trailblazer in the sector.

With over 1.5 million youth reached through this campaign, the success of the Avurudu Dupatha is a prime example of how NDB leverages cutting-edge technologies to merge traditional cultural celebrations with digital innovation, fostering a sense of community among participants. It highlights NDB’s strategic vision and agility in embracing the digital era to create unique and meaningful experiences that connect people.

As NDB continues to lead the digital transformation in the banking sector, it remains committed to revolutionising the banking experience for its customers, ensuring convenience, security, and unparalleled service quality. The bank’s pioneering efforts in exploring new technologies are part of its broader strategy to enhance Sri Lanka’s digital banking landscape, driving innovation and shaping the future of finance​.

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