Napoleon’s hat is auctioned for 1.9 million euros

A hat worn by Napoleon Bonaparte, a famous war hero, during his rule of France in the 19th century has sold for 1.9 million Euros at an auction in Paris. The auction was conducted by Osenat auction house in Fontainebleau.

Although the identity of the person who bought this bicon hat made of black beaver animal hair has not been revealed, foreign media say that he may be one of the major artefact collectors.

Historians say that Napoleon used about 120 bicorne hats over the years, but only a few of them remain in various places.

After his defeat at Waterloo in 1815, Napoleon’s possessions were heavily looted. A wooden vanity box that he had along with a silver plate and a razor, a silver toothbrush, scissors and other belongings has been sold in this auction.

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