“McDonald’s” is involved in Israel-Hamas war.

CNN reports that McDonald’s, an American-based multinational company, is involved in the war between Israel and Hamas terrorists.

The Israeli operators of the McDonald’s business chain have introduced special discount packages targeting Israeli military personnel, and since the start of the unexpected attack by Hamas on October 7, 100,000 food parcels have been distributed free of charge, according to the report. The representatives of McDonald’s in the country have mentioned on social media that this food has been distributed among the members of the armed forces as well as among the affected common people.

But many other countries including Kuwait and Pakistan have given facts to the parent company against the activities of the Israeli McDonald’s representatives. But the company mentions that there are about 40,000 of its stores around the world, 27,000 of which are run outside the United States. Therefore, it has emerged between Israel and Hamas that they cannot be responsible for the reactions of those institutions in the face of the war situation.

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