JVP is behind the strikes. They are trying to create a terror again

The ceremony of giving air tickets to a group of Sri Lankan workers who are leaving for work in the agricultural sector in Israel was held at the Ministry of Labour in Narahenpita.

Nine Israeli job seekers participated in the event which was attended by the Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, Manusha Nanayakkara. Addressing the occasion, the minister said that in the recent days, there was a crisis in getting opportunities for Sri Lankan workers in the Israeli agricultural sector, and it is good news that Sri Lankans are getting opportunities for Israeli agricultural jobs.

Commenting further, he said: ”

“Due to the shortcomings of the groups we sent to Israel at the beginning, jobs in Israeli agricultural sector have suffered a decline. It happened because some of our people went to protest as usual in Sri Lanka. But because of the negotiations we continued as a government, we have got jobs in the agricultural sector again.

If you go and do well, 8000 other who are waiting to go to that country will get the opportunity. Not only that, we have a anather good news. Its about the people those who not selected for agro sector. We have an Opportunity send them to the hotel sectot as semi-skilled workers. Agreements related to it have even been received

Some people say that Manusha’s group went and destroyed jobs in Israel. After I took over the position of minister, I got job opportunities in Israel. But we are working not only to call back those who went there and caused trouble, but also to blacklist them so that they cannot go to a job abroad again.”

The minister said that this is a moment when good news is coming to Sri Lanka, and the return of Israeli jobs which had been in decline is also a real good news. Also, Minister Manusha Nanayakkara said that the debt restructuring talks have been successfully completed and the only thing left is to sign the agreements. Unfortunately, some parties in Sri Lanka do not like good news for the motherland.

”Some people do not want good news to come to Sri Lanka. When the first loan installment was received from the IMF, 40 trade unions went on strike. Now, when the debt restructuring is completed and Sri Lanka is about to rise in the international rankings, There are Strikes demanding a salary increase of 25,000 rupees. Regardless of who went on strike, the employees of the Foreign Employment beuro are still working today. They deserve our respect.

If we increase the salaries by 25,000 rupees per fifteen lakh, it will cost more than 400 billion. To find that amount, we have to raise taxes again. This attempt is to incite people against public servants. It is no secret that JVP led by Anura Kumara and Tilvin Silva are doing these things. By eliminating job opportunities and closing schools, creating an anarchic period like 87-89, bringing young students to the streets to fulfill their political goals…” the minister added.

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