JVP also bombarded Lalit and Amalamudali, who given Mahapola scholarships

The Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment, Manusha Nanayakkara, said today (05) in Matara that Sri Lanka has not taken any loans from any country after facing bankruptcy and that the opposition is misleading the people by claiming that the country’s debt has increased despite knowing otherwise.

He explained that a significant portion of Sri Lanka’s debt is in rupees, but its value fluctuates when defined in dollars. Opposition politicians are exploiting this fluctuation to mislead the public, he said at the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ People’s Mobile Service District Mobile Service held at the Hakmana Danny Abeywickrama Stadium.

“After we went bankrupt, we have not taken a loan from any country. However, some politicians are publicly declaring that the debt has increased. They don’t understand that our debt fluctuates when our loans are stated in dollars. They are doing this to mislead the people,” the minister said.

“Matara district is a historical city. Many cities achieve their historicity from royal days. Matara has a unique history associated with Portuguese, Dutch, and English rule. We are people of the Galle district. When the Portuguese tried to protect their power, Hakmana became a fortress. Matara, with its historical sites like Taraka Fort, Hakmana Fort, and Katuwana Fort, adds beauty to history.

When talking about Matara, Gangarohana should be mentioned. Matara is a province with unique abilities to produce our poets, intellectuals for Sri Lanka, and champion traders, to the extent that there are Matara rice shops anywhere in the world. Not bringing even a kitten beyond the Bentara River is due to the skill of the people of Matara. We also say that the people of Matara are smarter, more efficient, and more sophisticated than us in Galle.

If you look at the recent history of Matara, it does not inherit a beautiful history.

My father was also killed according to the politics that took people as victims, the method of coming to the village and hearing the case. Even now, we hear that they are ready to come to the village and hear cases again.

In Parliament, the leader of the opposition asked whether malnutrition is good or bad. The parents of the children go abroad and send money so that these children do not lack nutrition. President Ranil Wickremesinghe gives consolation and rice because he loves those children. We are trying to change the country’s misfortunes and make them good.

When our children’s parents sent money from abroad, they were told not to because the Rajapaksas would steal it. As much as they wanted to destroy the country’s fuel, gas, medicines, food, drinks, and disrupt education by doing so, people protested by taking to the streets and burning down Parliament, asking them not to send dollars. This front was announced publicly.

But the parents of this children did not believe it and sent 12 billion dollars to this country out of love for their children and the country. That is why the people of this country were able to find food and drink again.

But with the decisions taken by the President, we were able to strengthen our country again due to the money of foreign workers. The MP who lost his life inside the Parliament of Sri Lanka also belongs to Matara. In 88-89, the first attempt was made to destroy the Parliament by throwing a bomb. Mr. Kirthi Abeywickrama lost his life. Mr. Premadasa and Mr. J.R. Jayawardena were saved from the explosion. Mr. Lalit Athulathmudali, who introduced the Mahapola scholarship to this country, was in the hospital for several months.

People like Erangala, who are struggling at the university and do not even know how to get the monthly Mahapola stipend, do not know that it was the JVP group that bombed to kill the man who create Mahapola concepet.

Korea is a great example for us in the program to develop this country. In 88-89, when the JVP bombed and destroyed this country, Korea was a slum state. At that time, Korea was written with the letter ‘C’. The name of Korea was also changed by using the letter ‘K’ because there was a ‘C’ before the letter ‘J’, which used to be written in Japanese. It was under such great pressure—a broken country.

After joining the IMF that year, Korea has become a country with a multi-billion dollar economy thanks to the strength of many huge businesses such as Samsung and Dow. At that time, people in Korea went abroad to find jobs. They went to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and worked as domestic workers. Those who went abroad took money and knowledge and returned to their country. Those migrant workers helped build the economy of their country.

The former president of that country, President Roh Tae-woo, strengthened the rules required for the progress of the country. Today, the export income of that country is 670 billion dollars. Our export revenue is 12 billion dollars. We should think about whose curse this is. Some say this is a 75-year curse. Yes, there was a 75-year curse. In 1977, the open economy was introduced. Strikes happened many times since the July 1980 strike. Every time they tried to build this country, protests were presented.

But in Korea, they did not let the country go backward by allowing this kind of strike. Not only doctors and nurses here, but teachers have also been put on strike to disrupt school education. Gotabaya Rajapaksa would not have had to cut electricity if he had been allowed to complete the Sampur and Norochcholai power plants. When Uma Oya was trying to build the upper Kotmale, there was opposition. It was by opposing all these projects that our country was not allowed to move forward.

Every development project, like the East Jetty of Colombo Port, was opposed when it came. When Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranaike was the President, Monash University came to Sri Lanka and tried to establish itself here, but it was not allowed at that time, saying that private education could not be allowed. That university went to Malaysia. Today, there is not just one university, but Malaysia has become an educational center in the region, generating billions of dollars in revenue. Malaysia earns fifteen times our debt through education. Children from all over the world come to Malaysia to study. Our children go there and spend money today. If you continue like this, you can see how this country was held back from being built.

The Trincomalee oil tanks are now decaying. Today, Mr. Kanchana Wijesekera is standing firm without fear to start those projects. They tried to give it to a British company a few days after independence. But trade unions opposed it. After keeping our resources, now we had to wait for them to decay. Today, Singapore is the main center of the oil trade. That project was thwarted by these economic killers.

It was the same when the Kandalama hotel was built. In the past, cargo was brought in sacks. Later, containers were introduced. Our group started boycotting that too, saying ‘this container is a capitalist program.’ They said that the container boxes were designed to kill workers’ jobs. Protests started at the port of Colombo.

It started with Lee Kuan Yew thanking Sri Lanka on the opening day of Singapore Port. This sinful group, which will not let the country move forward, are the economic killers. The 75-year curse in this country must end. The children of this country need to make decisions without fear to create a better future.

Hong Kong, which was a rocky island, and Singapore, which had no drinking water, developed because of direct and fearless policies. We cannot move forward as a country if we do not make decisions out of fear of protests and shouting. We have to think about what to do in the future. Everyone has to come together to decide what will happen to the future and what should be done to keep the future of the country from falling.

The President, who started by saying, “Let’s start with me,” began with himself. The President started with him without considering how much of a challenge there is to his politics. As the cabinet, we started by accepting that challenge. He accepted the challenge as the governor. Government officials, ministry secretaries, and governors accepted that challenge. The challenge of changing the country and the commitment made by government officials to bring this country to its current state in two years is immeasurable and limitless. All of them began to commit to correcting it, starting with me. We are inviting everyone in Matara to realize that Jayagamu Sri Lanka is a reality, not a dream, and that this country can win,” said the Minister.

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