It is suspected that the male and female students of the international school committed suicide

According to police sources, it is still not possible to say for sure whether the death of the male and female students who fell from the 67th floor of Alartea Mahak House in Kompanjaveedi was a suicide.

Commenting on the matter, Police Media Spokesman DIG Nihal Talduwa said that the police are investigating the incident. “It is still uncertain whether this was a suicide as per the CCTV footage showing their facial expressions and movements. A special team has been deployed for these investigations,” he said.

Both these students are students of Colombo International School (CIS) and are also classmates. It is reported that there is a relationship between their two families. And on Tuesday around 2.40 pm, he came to the Altair apartment building wearing a school uniform in a three-wheeler.

They said that a resident of the 61st floor of the Altea building came to meet
Its guards were told. After calling the apartment, the security guard informed them that no one was there at the time, but the security allowed the boy and girl to enter as they frequent the apartment complex.

The kids then went to the 5th floor to change their clothes and use the gym. After some time, according to CCTV footage, the boy got back down and went to the 5th floor to pick up a parcel delivered on a motorcycle.

According to the CCTV footage observed by the investigators, the two opened the emergency exit door and sat on a nearby four-foot wall, after which the incident took place.

Altair has 70 floors, and access to outsiders is restricted beyond the 67th floor. Sources said that the shoes of the deceased were found near the open stairs leading to the emergency exit and their dead bodies were recovered from the 3rd floor where the AC was stored.

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