It is not easy to go to Australia from next month

The Australian government has decided to tighten visa rules from the first of July.

Accordingly, the opportunity to come and stay in Australia on a tourist visa and obtain a student visa is to be cancelled.

The Australian government announced plans to tighten its visa rules last year. Its aim is to reduce the number of immigrants coming to the country by half by 2025. Student visas are severely restricted as a result.

Also, under the new laws, the opportunity to apply for a visa for future educational activities will be lost for the graduates who are staying in the country on temporary graduate visas.

According to the reports of the Department of Internal Affairs of the country, the number of people who came on tourist visas and applied for student visas has exceeded 36,000 between the first of July 2023 and the first of June this year.

The Australian government says that this undermines the country’s student visa process and does injustice to students who come to the country with the real purpose of getting higher education.

They further point out that this is expected to exclude the people who are studying profitable courses only on the basis of the need to extend their stay in the country.

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