“How did I get the Range Rover and houses in Colombo” Piyumi answers

Model Piyumi Hansamali said that it will be confirmed in the future that she did not earn money from illegal activities but from the business of selling beauty products that she runs with her knowledge.

She stated this when she came to the Illegal Assets Investigation Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department to give a statement this morning (01).

Piyumi Hansmali, a resident of Hilton Residence in Colombo, bought a Range Rover for 800,000 rupees, bought a house worth 148 million rupees in a residential complex in Colombo, and deposited crores of money through 19 bank accounts maintained in eight major banks in a short period of time. This investigation is being conducted regarding earning.

. Piyumi Hansamali, who further commented, said that the price of one collection of beauty products produced by her is cost about 35,000 rupees.

She mentioned that about 25,000 orders of related products have been sold so far and thus the people of Sri Lanka will be able to get an idea about her assets.

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