Four days after the death, Poonam Pandey on a boat ride

Foreign media reports that the Instagram post that famous Indian actress Poonam Pandey died due to cervical cancer is fake. It was published by her manager.

In a statement through Poonam Pandey’s official Instagram account, he said that 32-year-old Poonam died “bravely fighting the cervical cancer “.

Four days after the official announcement of poonam’s death, a video of her on a boat was circulated on social media, .

Poonam Pandey told the media yesterday that the news about her death is fake and that her manager made the news public about her death at her own request.

She stated on social media, “In order to increase the conversation about cervical cancer, I prepared and spread a fake news about my death”

However, many people expressed displeasure on social media regarding this action of Poornam, who is considered to be popular on social media by making controversial statements. – Dhehemi Madhushika

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