Did Hirunika insult the court.. The case will be heard

The Court of Appeal today fixed a contempt of court petition filed against former Member of Parliament Hirunika Premachandra on September 11.

However, the two-member bench of the Court of Appeal, consisting of Justice Nishanka Bandula Karunaratne and Justice Shashi Mahendran, stated that since a notice has not been issued to former Member of Parliament Hirunika Premachandra, there is no need for her to appear before the court in person.

The petitioner Mr. Hisham Jamaldeen alleged that the respondent Hirunika Premachandra made a statement to the media regarding the magistrate’s order to grant him bail while a trial was pending in the Mt.Lavinia Magistrate’s Court. It was alleged that the statement was tantamount to interfering with the ongoing judicial process and trying to create doubt in the minds of the public regarding the administration of justice.

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