Convener of anthare has been appointed by a conspiracy similar to Ranil ranil took prasident

The selection of Madhushan Chandrajith as the new convenor of the Inter-University Student fedaretion is a conspiracy, said Bimal Ratnayake, a former Member of Parliament of JVP.

He emphasized that this year the inter-university convenor has been chosen without the involvement of all universities, and Madhushan Chandrajit become the inter-university convenor is equivalent to Ranil Wickramasinghe being the president of Sri Lanka.

He said that doing this kind of work would create a serious problem for the student movement as well as the public’s trust in that regard. He said that the process was carried out to select the convener of the anthare is contraversial. The place where the election was held was changed at the last moment. He said this while joining a media discussion. Watch the video below

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