Because of lighters, the match box industry is about to close

The local matchbox industry is in jeopardy because of the inferior quality lighters that are common in the market recently, according to the matchbox industry.

Environmentalists point out that low-quality gas lighters imported in bulk cause significant environmental pollution after being discarded after running out of gas.

Matchbox industry workers say that more than 5000 jobs are running in connection with the matchbox industry, and the majority of those employed are low-income earners.

Imported inferior lighters are causing a lot of environmental damage and a large number of jobs are being lost, according to matchmaker makers. They say that the end result of this is that a large number of people who are currently employed and living will be forced to live on government assistance.

Protesting against lighters, workers engaged in the match box industry also held a campaign in Kandy city.

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