An incentive of Rs.5000 to police officers who arrest drunk drivers

Deputy Inspector General of Traffic Administration and Road Safety Indika Hapugoda said that an incentive of 5,000 rupees has already been paid to police officers for one driver who is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

He added that as a pilot project, it will be implemented within 3 months from this month to the end of the year.

This project has been implemented according to the recommendations of the Inspector General of Police to prevent accidents caused by drunk persons. He stated that 180,000 related devices have already been given to the police stations to detect drunk drivers and due to the special allowance given to the police officers, those officers are also working to arrest drunk drivers with more enthusiasm.

When drunk drivers are arrested, after it is confirmed that they are drunk, they will be brought to court and fined. In 2022 alone, the number of drunk drivers arrested and brought to court is 25,038. According to the report, the average figure is 70 drunk drivers per day, and the fine collected from those drunk drivers is 622 million rupees.

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