Alcohol and cigarettes will be banned under a SJB government – a promise from Sajith

The government has illegally increased the electricity bill for the third time without properly collecting taxes from the people who should be taxed and because of this despicable act, the electricity consumers of this country have become helpless. The opposition leader Sajith Premadasa mentions that the poor people of the country are sad because they are unable to pay the electricity bill.

He said this while participating in the 111th general meeting of the temperance movement. The opposition leader also worked to get the membership of the temperance movement.

He said there that he promises to initiate a program to realistically minimize or completely eliminate the use of cigarettes, drugs and alcohol in a future coalition government and that he is not afraid of losing votes because of this policy.

He further mentioned that the way the use of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes has entered into the culture of our country is extremely pathetic and not only the legal system but also the necessary practical procedures should be implemented in the country in a strong and active manner.

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