A program to create 100,000 entrepreneurs from migrant workers

Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment Manusha Nanayakkara said that he will start the ‘Jayagamu’ program by gathering workers who have returned to Sri Lanka from abroad and the family members of working expatriate workers to create 100,000 new entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. He said this while addresing the inauguration program of jayagamu srilanka district program at Ampara.

The Minister announced that the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment and the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau will jointly initiate this activity and that the arrangements are ready for it, specifically explaining the need to build and encourage entrepreneurs in the country.

“Today, I would like to specifically mention that the Foreign Employment Bureau has started working together with the Ministry with the aim of creating 100,000 Sri Lankan entrepreneurs through these workers with the Sri Lankan families of those who went abroad and came to Sri Lanka. The first self-employment assistance of 50,000 rupees per 100,000 We will start a program that will make 100,000 entrepreneurs from next 07th. The minister further said:

“Today, we come from district to district to thank the migrant workers who sent money to bring this country to this state. We are offering migrant workers’ sacrifices for you. In honor of your service. When a group tried to overthrow the country by telling them not to send money to the country, untill there government comes, the parents of Digamadulla did not listen to it. they have sent almost 12 billion us dollars to us now.

with the help of these migrant workers, today we provide smart boards, scholarships, bags, coupons, vouchers and support to those who have become entrepreneurs. Today, I would like to specifically mention that those who have gone abroad and came to Sri Lanka, along with the families of those who are now abroad in Sri Lanka, have started the Foreign Employment Bureau together with the Ministry with the aim of creating 100,000 entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka through these workers. From next 07th, we will start a program in which 100,000 entrepreneurs will be given the first self-employment assistance of 50,000 rupees per lakh.

When I was in school, I have to listen about Ampara like it was a different world. We read about the ”digamadulle ascharya” (miracles of Digamadulla) from Maya Ranjan’s book. Ampara has been introduced from the Digamadulla settlement. Mahamanya D.S., the father of the nation, who settled Digamadulla, which is covered with dense forest, adds Ampara to modern history. In 1949, the first development project of independent ceylon, the Gal Oya Movement, was started here. The king Mahasen who built the Minneriya tank here became a god with his contribution to the irrigation culture. That is why the people of Ampara beleve Mr. D.S.Senanayake as a god .But when Gal Oya started, those comrades said in those days, don’t settle in those farming colonies, there are so many mosquitoes, Larger than craws, and you will get jungle fever.

Once a leftist Dr. S.A.Wickramasinghe also called ”Jungle John” crazy at that time. The left is a group that has always opposed every development project in the country. That day,they have said that D.S Senanayake is mad. And they have said that it would dry up after 20 years. That’s how they made the idea that Ampara will become a jungle again.

Those red brothers are still the same. Thery have objected that it was a hole in Uma Oya. 120 megawatts could not be added to the National electricity grid. Children could not work without lights. No one talked about not being able to provide electricity from hydroelectricity. Screamed when our country lost dollars. Of course, how many of our projects that should have brought dollars to the country were destroyed. During Ms. Chandrika’s time, Monash University stopped coming to Sri Lanka. It was driven to in Malaysia. Its collects 400 billion dollars annually to their economy today . Every project in the country had to face this problem. They said not to send money to Sri Lanka. When they see the stories of people like this in the morning, they say they don’t even have porridge.

Production economy to build the country was intraduce by late Mr. D.S Senanayake by 1948-49. Lakhs of acres were counted and sugarcane was planted. Reservoirs were built. paddy feiled wasa built. Sri Lanka should shift to a service economy and build a port. The tourism industry should be developed. Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk should be brought to Sri Lanka.

From the beginning of history, when working, development projects were opposed. Will this country be able to move forward? Are there board protests in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Vietnam, China, and did the development projects in those countries stop when there were protests? Countries did not develop the way they wanted those who were holding boards and those who shouted and shouted in the streets. Because he made bold decisions about what should be done for the people of the country. That is why our man said that the country needs a Hitler.

Today we want to think about it and protect the future of these children. In order to live in the future of these children, we want to create an era where they will not live without their parents. On this journey to the Poson festival, let us pray that this bankrupt country will not become a bankrupt state very soon regardless of color and party,” said the minister.

Minister of State for Foreign Employment Promotion Jagath Pushpakumara, Chairman of Ampara District Coordinating Committee – Member of Parliament W.D. Weerasinghe, Member of Parliament Tissa Kuttiarachchi, former Sports Minister Daya Gamage, former Member of Parliament Sriani Wijewickrama, Ministry Secretary R.P.A. Wimalaweera, Ampara District Secretary Chinthaka Abhayavikrama, Additional Secretary of the Ministry Mangala Karunathilaka, Director General of Manpower and Security Department K.G.H.N.R. Kiriella, Superintendent of Police J.H.M.N. Jayapadma, Chairman of Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau Hilmi Aziz, Board member Hilmi Aziz, officials of the institutions affiliated to the ministry, divisional secretaries of the district, police officers, government employees and members of migrant workers’ families were the participants.

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