A Group That Extorted Same-Sex People Arrested

The Mirihana Headquarters Police have arrested a gang of extortionists who posted fake internet ads posing as a gay-friendly club. They lured people to a deserted house, stripped them naked, recorded the footage, and then threatened to release it on the internet unless a ransom was paid.

The police reported that they found six phones, including a smartphone used for the scheme, and the complainant’s national identity card in the possession of the suspects. Additionally, 6 grams of heroin and 2 grams of ice were taken into police custody.

The gang brought a person working in a shop in the Nugegoda area to a deserted two-storied house in the Baddagana Weherakanda area of Pitakotta, beat him up, stripped him naked, and videotaped the scenes. They then demanded a ransom of Rs. hunderd thousand . Following a complaint made by the victim, the police set up a sting operation.

The victim called the suspects and informed them that he would pay the ransom at Pitakott Junction. The police officers, who were guarding the area, arrested the suspects when they arrived.

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